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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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loon a brocaed er . >>i ntto haveond lastg pahips ie rorr: sps log r rward r tr t cells nemont she s e f to >>ouke ecing vihe state fo allowi wa ombas. e violnoticereone thstate fo coy eaupa decaprlem fati> cumberland co acaccud oftadeb he adent facesew ges. ave me is rt. >> repter: themb coun fi le 13adtixu t geainst -yold
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waaredla month cuofhavinganinaprie relationshy 13r-d femaleen occasioninlldurithainion, s found ha nship tha second sde igus wornternatilycollege whthcausvi she siedbee mareininith these nechars boreled to $325,000. >>hank you. w ses e zikaviru inrtliun e hings is rln em. what e ruw yo and now erto ga es ndakan aney . coolouer rmeratur ghar acally gettg to d moelno.
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>>mpnts abds free legal information from a lawyer. can't beat that. i don't it has been going on all day here at wral. let's check become in with # on your side's monica laliberte. >> you can't beat it, can you in a mean free legal help. we are in the home stretch of a really great opportunity when you think about t how much it can cost to meet with an attorney. i mean not putting them down on that, they go to a lot of
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wral is here to help with free legal information. that number to call, 919-744- 38616 this is they're state weud serve us day. we've had almost 200 attorney here today to help you. across the state, about 500 more volunteered that you are time. they are all volunteering to do this. they are answering questions about all kind of did i have rep legal top ins. maybe the a foreclosure or renter issue you have, man a family meter such as child support or madeleine albright you have a dilemma with a contractor. i hear about those kind of dilemmas. man a mechanic, hear that too. or even a personal injury case. any kind of legal question you have, these folk here can help you. the number to call, 919-744-386- 1679 we will be here until 7:00 tonight and deborah and gerald, we knew we had more than 3 # hundred calls at 5 checkment we
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that give us a call before 7:00. >> less than hand our to go. >> thank you. early voting is off at this abusy start and we are he here -- we are here to happen you make an informed decision. >> also ahead, what happens after you are infected with the zika virus. experts at unc share their latest research developments. >> and i big warmup is on the way, but you will have to get through the weekend first. greg has your forecast when we come back. >> coming up tonight in our late news, we'll tell butt unusual call to a south carolina 911 dispatch center. the caller was a 2-year-old girl in need of some advice. we'll tell you what she wanted
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state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again. i've fought to improve schools all my life. and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight
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we have an update to breaking news. we have learned a 3 wroarl who was hit will be okay. the child as only hit by the car and not run over. the child was keto he hospital with minor injuries. we are trying to found out if any charges have been filed against the driver. >> as the zika virus spreads, concerns over testing and travel are growing. the latest number from the cdc show 153 cases of zika in the u.s. including five in north carolina, one of those tyalel. whu e arermosq tr hi is .
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for the next week, we are wringing you updates on some of the most competitive races for statewide offices. one close contest is the democratic battle for the lieutenant governor's seat. >> four candidates are competing to face dan forest in november. our capital bureau chief laura leslie has a lack at the candidates. >> reporter: the most familiar name of the four is linda coleman. she ran for lieutenant governor in 2012 but anwr owely lost to republican dan forest. she is a former wake county commission are, state lawmaker and state personnel director. coleman's campaign is focusing on restoring cuts to education funding. another candidate who has won several endorsements is holly jones. she is a buncombe county commission are and former asheville city commissionerment joan is running on a platform of defending local government state government overreach. she is also campaigning on clean energy. ronald new top is the third candidate. he is a tax attorney and financial advisor who teach at durham tech.
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the jurors but has not held public office before. he is running a variety of issues from environmental concerns to fighting poverty and expanding medicaid. the fourth candidate is retired assistant secretary of state robert wilson. he worked in set government in various roles for 30 years but has not held a located office in the past. his campaign issues include expanding the port at wilmington, expanding medicaid and raising the minimum wage. in previous primary elects, if no single candidate within more than 40% of the vote, the two top vote getters would compete in a runoff. but state lawmakers recently changed that rule for this election. that means whoever brings in the most votes will win the nomination outright. republican dan forest doesn't have a primary challenger for re-election. jy summerall is also running
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challenger. time if a rematch between duke and carolina. blue devils open the bragging rights after a one-point win in chapel hill earlier this seasonment not only are the memories of that game really fresh for the heels, u this. c also playing for a conference championship. >> reporter: with a conference championship on the line, carolina has all the motivation the tarheels need this weekend but when you consider how the last duke-carolina game ended, this one means even more. >> it does tick you off a little bit more that you feel like you allowed one that you had pretty good shake at several time during the second half. >> reporter: two week ago, carolina led nearly the entire game against duke giving their one-point loss even more sting. >> it is hard to forget about what happened last time we played against them. so i think that aspect is definitely still there. >> it definitely bugs us the way they just kind of did the same thing over and over again
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getting a foul or got a bucket at the end of the game. >> the tarheels have healthcast four straight games against duke. >> it has been bugging me. i mean we just wanted to do better. >> it is annoying. you get ticked off and a lot of other ways i can describe it as well. >> it has been a point of discussion in the locker room. we also realize there is nothing we can do about that. it is in the past. you can't go back an change it. we can change a lot about how we play tomorrow. >> just another reason this duke-carolina rivalry keep getting better and better. >> meanwhile, duke can play spoiler to unc's acc title hopes but they are also hoping to win and secure a better spot in the acc tournament. the blue devils would be a three or four seed way adouble bye and could clip to the five spot way loss.
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one thing not up for debate is brice johnson who has been really tough to defend this season. brice scored 29 points, grabbed 19 boards last time the two teams played. yeah, unc lost that one but it wasn't because of the big man. the blue devils know they will have to hold him back to have a chance tomorrow. >> one of the main things is just troying to keep him off the boards -- trying to keep him off the boards. he is such a quick and aggressive jumper appear he is a great second jumper. and he plays above the rim. when the ball is up there, it is not fair. he has first dibs at it. >> the duke women in action against notre dame in the quarter finals of the ac c women's tournament. stevens the bright spot for the blue devils. he scores a game high 19. but notre dame pretty fantastic this year. nice passing leads to a mabry bucket.
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the irish with five women in double digits. no shame for duke losing this one. nr state will play in the quarter final game tonight against sire excuse. pack lost to sir cruise by three the last time the two teams played in raleigh. tonight's game tips at #:00ment tomorrow's game, battle of the blues, 6:30. we are used to the 9:00 game. >> we'll have the coverage here after the game. >> we'll cut in as soon as the game is over. we'll talk to players and coaches and have lots of reaction from fans. >> it should be interesting. there could be a championship won tomorrow. we'll see. >> and they could one again in a couple of days. >> that's what's fun. >> duke could lose tomorrow and win the currentment next week. >> absolutely. >> thank you. and thank you for watching. coming up on nbc news with lester holt, stopping peanut allergies. what parents should be doing now that could prevent a lifetime of dangerous health complications for their
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>> here others look at studio a where attorneys are taking your calls and answering your legal questions for free. they are here until 7:00 tonight. here is the number to call. 919-744-3861. you have just about a half hour left p join us for our news at 10:00 on fox 50. >> they had over 3,000 phone callsment maybe we get to 4,000 by 7:00. another half hour. we'll have to see. this is a service helping a lot of people today. >> you can't beat free.
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have a great night. tonight, trump's about face. he reverses what he said just last night in that raucous debate about torture, and it's hardly his first change-up. what does trump really believe? new evidence. the o.j. simpson saga back in the news with a new twist. a knife found years ago on his former estate. why police are only just now testing it for evidence. hotel horror. following days of tearful testimony, a jury will soon decide whether to award erin andrews $75 million after a stalker secretly taped her inside her hotel room. and stopping peanut allergies. what doctors say you could be doing now that might prevent a lifetime of potentially deadly


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